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Queen's Building (皇后行) was a late 19th-century neoclassical building located in Central, Hong Kong. Named after Queen Victoria, it was situated to the west of Statue Square on Hong Kong Island's waterfront with Victoria Harbour at the time. It was…

The Murray Barracks parade ground was situated behind the old City Hall for drills and parades. Released by the British Army in 1959 for urban development, the site became the home of the Hong Kong Hilton Hotel and now stands the Cheung Kong…


Taken the background into account, this execution might take place in Canton.

MEE Cheung & Co. was a company of commercial photographers who were active from the 1890s to 1956, in Swatow (Shantou) and Hong Kong, and probably with branches elsewhere. Their Hong Kong premises were in Ice House Lane, off Queen's Road,…

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This is the fourth generation of Star Ferry.
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